This baby carrier is ideal if you’re looking for the best baby carrier for newborn to a toddler that is also simple and easy to use. Slings consist of a single piece of cloth that goes over one of your shoulders and forms a pouch to hold your baby in front of you or on your hip. Some of the most popular baby slings also have shoulder rings that allow you to adjust the sling by pulling its loose end through the rings.

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  • Plus, swaddling will help your baby settle after being overstimulated and calm them before putting them down to sleep.
  • With her third baby, Kmom tried a Maya Wrap sling.
  • The Maya Wrap ComfortFit Sling is a ring sling with somewhat rougher fabric than the competition, but it has a super helpful zippered pocket on the tail.
  • Postpartum belly wraps are usually used after you have your baby by C section, or cesarean section.
  • Kmom was not too sure about a “pouch” sling but decided to give it a shot so she could review it online.

Switch hands and do the same with the other end of the wrap. The wrap should cross under the baby’s butt, with their feet outside, making a little harness. Whether your baby is awake, what is a boppy asleep or nursing, and even if your wrap is made of lightweight fabric, you don’t want her face smashed against your body or any fabric over her face. Gently turn your baby’s face to one side so it’s not pressed against you and move the fabric so it’s positioned off her face every time she’s in the wrap. Check the front to make sure you left enough space for your baby, about 6-8 inches. Also, check the neckline to make sure it’s in the right place and that the fabric feels secure and comfortable over your shoulders.

See How Easy It Is To Use!

A small baby will sleep happily in a sling for hours. Mothers find that they only take their newborn out for a feed every couple of hours, the rest of the time the little one usually sleeps. One of the best features of the ring sling is that it’s so easy to put on by yourself.


Proper alignment and positioning in carriers, car seats and other types of seating is important to minimize the risk of this condition. Take the baby and slide him down your chest and then place one leg into each loop. Make sure that both legs are not in the same loop. Once his legs are in the proper place you should spread out the material to give him support and to prevent painful bunching. The yarn that you use should be strong enough to securely hold the loops together, plus support the weight of the baby.

Now, as the baby develops and ages, you will need to change his position. Here are some positions according to the age of the baby. Once you have both ends in front of you, you now need to tie a slip knot. Do that by placing the long end of your sheet on top of the shorter end of your sheet. Now tog at the long end and pull it under the short end. When you pull this through, your knot will tighten.

Always check the sizing as different manufacturers produce different sizes to ensure you choose the right size for your baby. Swaddle blankets are usually larger in shape with a two-winged design that can easily cover your little one. On the other hand, receiving blankets are 30 by 30 inches with a square or rectangular shape; they have a large size that can also be used as swaddling. But all that being said, I felt like quite the Earth Momma when I had it on. The non-stretchy material keeps the baby firmly in place and evenly distributes the weight so you can walk around with your baby hanging off your front for hours. Granted, my baby is still very small , but it didn’t feel strenuous at all.

Dont Lift Heavy Items While Carrying Baby

It provides a hands-free carrying option that is also lightweight, soft and convenient. This baby wrap weighs just 1.42 pounds but it’s capable of carrying children that weigh between 8 and 35 pounds. This means that you’ll be able to wear it while your little one is a newborn or even a toddler.

Portable, lightweight, and stretchy wrap that fits in your diaper bag when you’re on the go. Sakura Bloom ring slings are just as beautiful as they are functional. Made in California and crafted in small batches, these slings come in a variety of fabrics including bamboo, linen and even ultra-luxe silk. They work from the newborn days through the toddler years and are easy to store in your bag or stroller when you’re on the go with your little one.

Sudden infant death syndrome is the term used to describe when an otherwise healthy baby under 12 months dies suddenly without a known cause. Parents often learn how to swaddle babies because nurses do it after they’re born in the hospital. The technique can be a helpful way to soothe babies when they’re fussy and have trouble sleeping.